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Evergreen County started its journey with an idea to share a space with the people who like to explore the real beauty of nature and the culture of COORG.
Coorg Evergreen County operates with a blend of different themes like Nature, Adventure, Classical, Traditional, Man in the wild etc. The concept of Evergreen County is totally unique, built with utmost care and with the inputs of our existing customers.
Looking for a luxury holiday??
Kindly keep your   out of 
Luxury in Concrete v/s Adventure close to Nature
 Other Luxury Resorts /Hotels/Lodges  Evergreen County
Concrete Luxury Rooms Wooden, Cane, Bamboo Cottages, Tree Houses, Adventure Tents
Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi Dive into the un-explored water falls in the wilderness (kids also allowed)
TV / Video Games Fun and adventure activities  close to nature to rewind, refresh and rejuvenate
A/c and Fans Hay Grass keeps your cottages super cool,  All you need is a Campfire
National and International Cuisines Taste the real Coorg style homemade food when you are in Coorg
Gym/Aerobics Plantation Walk / Trekking / Dance as if nobody is watching you in the campfire
Conference Room, Indoor Projectors Campfire Area / Cane Stage, Outdoor Projector
Tandoori, Grills and Rolls Raw wild style Barbeque at the campfire/riverside
Hot water from Solar / Geyser Steam boiled hot water
Sleep like a King Sleep like a Child
You would have had one more regular luxury 
holiday with the same expectations.
You would have had the most unique memorable holiday with some adventure close to nature.
Explore the Exploited Coorg. Explore the Unexplored Coorg.
They call it Resort/Hotel/Lodges etc We call it Evergreen County

>> Bamboo Hut
>> Wooden Cottage
>> Cane Cottage
>> Tree House
>> Family Adventure Tent
>> Couple Adventure Tent

>> Nature Lovers
>> Adventure Lovers
>> Those who want to experience the      difference.
>> Travelers who want to try something different     apart from the normal stay in the concrete     building.
>> The real nature and culture holiday explorers.
As we provide a rustic ambiance close to nature, it may not be a good holiday option for luxury and regular holiday seekers expecting a/c, swimming pool, concrete building. If you are the one who is passionate to do try something different with some offbeat fun in life, welcome to be the next explorer of Evergreen County
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