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Kaveri Sankramana

Tholeyar ondh is one of the auspicious days for the Kodavas. A day in which the goddess Cauvery emerges as a holy spring from the small tank at Talacauvery, the birth place of River Cauvery.

Festivals of Coorg
Kaveri Sankramana
River Cauvery is just not a river but it’s a lifeline of the people of Coorg.

Visit to Talacauvery always starts with holy dip at the “Threveni Sangamma Confluence of three rivers at Bhagamandala.( Kaveri,Sujyothi & Kannike ) and paying tribute to the demise in the family .

On the day of Tula Sankramana , the goddess is worshiped with great faith at every Kodava House with decorating the goddess with indigenous flowers & offerings of the special dishes done for the occasion. A Bamboo Stick surrounded with Creeper (Kaibale balli) is erected around the house from cattle shed to the flourishing paddy fields as a symbol of protection of property and well being. Those who visits the temple on the day brings along the holy water to be used on most occasions of Kodava ceremonies & Rituals.

 Pathalodi  ,the 10th day after the Sankramana is the day of new beginning for the Kodavas .From laying the stone for new house to offerings to our ancestors this is a day of prosperity.

Kaveri Sankramana festival normally takes place in mid-October and is one of the prominent and sacred festivals of the Coorgs. Kaveri Sankramana is celebrated at Talakaveri the birth place of river Kaveri. On Kaveri Sankramana day a fountain from a small tank fills the holy tank at Talakaveri. People from all over the state gather at this place to dip in this holy water or Theertha. The Theertha is collected in bottles and reaches every home throughout Coorg. This Theertha is preserved in all Kodava homes. A spoonful of this water is fed to the dying, in the belief that they will attain moksha and gain entry to heaven.