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Kunde Habba is a traditional festival of the tribal people in Coorg which falls on during the month of May. 
Kunde habba is celebrated by the tribes largely at Thithimathi and Devarapura of Virajpet . The use of swear words against the gods is the specialty of this festival.
According to the legend, God Aiyappa took the local tribes for hunting in deep forest where he meets Goddess Badrakali and falls in love with her and they both elope abandoning the tribes in the forest. So in revenge against betrayal and to win back the attention of the Gods the tribes abuse the Gods by singing the Kunde Song and playing drums and beating empty cans. Along with abusing the Gods the tribals who work as laborers in estates abuse their employer as they usually get abused by the employers the whole year and take this opportunity to give back. It’s quite fun actually.
The tribal youth dress as women dance and demanded money from people. Tribals from neighboring places like Hunsur and Periyapatna also join these Coorg tribes and dance round the Aiyappa temple at Devapura singing the Kunde song and  give the collected money to the temple keeping a little for themselves.