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Name: Bajan Bopanna B.P
Mail ID:bajan.bopannabp@gmail.com
Designation: Promoter.
Work Experience: Have been worked with corporate for more than 7 years with Infosys and ANZ bank in India and abroad.
Passion: Adventure, Networking, Dancing and Acting
Why Evergreen County: "A 'dream' which was to start something unique and different. Finally choose to start up a venture called ''Evergreen County'' in Dec 2009 which was initially operating only on weekends. However, the dreams and passion forced to quit the corporate life and continued full time in creating the most unique conceptual stay in Coorg, Loving the hosting and networking experience''

Geetha Coorg.jpg

Geetha Ponnappa

Designation:Co-Founder & Catering Head
Passion: Hosting, Cooking, Gardening, People Management
About: ''She is the one who have been the back stage contributor towards the success of Evergreen County from the scratch. She loves to cook and serve the most delicious homemade food irrespective of the number of people. The main strength and the way to success of Evergreen County is Mom's homemade food''

Coorg Evergreen County 5.jpg

Hema Ganapathi

Designation: Co-Founder
Work Experience Passion: Day/Night Trekking, Camping, Meeting Different People, Decoration, Painting, Bartending, Cookery n Carpentering. Aspiration in Life: Forthcoming with 7 Heaven Decorations a sister concern of Evergreen County. Why with Evergreen County: ''Because, this is the one which cleared the film around my passion n made me realize my capabilities, made me meet up different people across the country/world n gave me an barely credible exposure, it opened the gates of the mind n made me realize the ideas are no more theoretical…everything is possible when you work hard on your interests and ideas. It gave wings for my passions n interest to fly high n show myself. Finally taught "who I am" n "what I can be", which gave me a perfect image. I grew up looking at Evergreen County grow up! Perhaps, I occupied it or it occupied me at the end I have/had a eternal bond with Evergreen County!''

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Nikshan Nanaiah

Designation: Co-Founder
Passion: Camping, Trekking, Hosting, Creative works, Cookery and Winery Why with Evergreen County: ''To be the supporting pillar of our beautiful concept which is so called hospitality industry. Interaction with new people all over the world, customers are now friends,I learn new things from them, delivering best possible service to them without saying 'no' always made me feel a part of customers happiness. Feel so good for their blessing... wanna see people happy and satisfied around us always. Happy to be a part of guest's memorable moments.

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Designation: Brand Manager

Coorg Raju.jpg

Designation: Barbeque Specialist and Camping Expert

About: ''If you have never tasted the barbeque prepared by him, you are missing something in your life. He is with the theme of Evergreen County from day one of our journey, he has lived his childhood very close to nature and will be happy to get anything for you which is available in and around Evergreen County.

Avinash Coorg.jpg

Avinash MP

Designation: Evergreen County Manager

shivani coorg.jpg

Shivani Poojari

Designation: Adventure Instructor

Passion: Painting, Frame Work, Customer Service, Camping Adventure. Why with Evergreen County: ''I am proud to be a part of Evergreen County. It is fun to be here. I keep learning about how to face challenges differently''

ashika coorg evergreen county.jpg

Ashika Changappa

Designation: Reservation Executive

thirtha coorg evergreen county.jpg


Designation: Activity Executive

lavanya coorg evergreen county.jpg


Designation: Front Office Executive

ganesh coorg evergreen county.jpg


Designation: Activity Organizer

ganapathi coorg evergreen county.jpg


Designation: Restaurant Chef

punuth coorg evergreen county.jpg


Designation: Hosting Executive

prashanth coorg evergreen county.jpg


Designation: Hosting Executive

Baby,Mishka & Zulu coorg evergreen county.jpg

Zulu, Baby Boo, Mishka